SQL Server DBA Training

SQL Supports Provide excellent SQL Server DBA Online Training with Certified Experts.We preparative Basic to Advanced Database Administration activities. Become Master in SQL Server Admin Concepts like Installation, Server Configuration, Capacity planning, Backup, Restore, Database Creation, Query Tuning ,High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), Server Performance, linked Server, Jobs , Security Management, Database Migrations and advanced dba topics with our Practical Classes. We Guarantee for your SQL Server DAB Online Training Success with Certification. Most of Our Trainers are currently working as Senior Database Admin with 12+ Years industry Experienced.

Why Choses for US (SQL Server DBA Online Course)

We will Provide the Special Training on Most Common Issues Faced in DBA life.

  • Backup Failure
  • Backup Restore Failure
  • Log file Full Issue
  • Locks, Blocking & Dead lock issues
  • Temp Database Full Issue
  • Disk Full Issue
  • SQL Connectivity Issue
  • Installation & Upgradation Failure
  • SQL Job Agent Failure
  • SQL Server Performance Issue
  • Query Optimization
  • Recourse (Memory, I/O & CPU) utilization Alert
  • High availability & Disaster Related Issues.
What are the Course Objectives?
  • Understanding high-level Architecture of Database.
  • Depth knowledge of MS SQL Server
  • Security Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Server Performance handling
  • SQL Server Advanced DBA
  • SQL Server Upgrades & Migrations
  • Cracking SQL Server DBA Interviews
  • Realtime Scenario Discussion
  • Understand basic concepts of how a database stores information via tables
  • Work independently in Development, Support and Testing Project.
  • In-depth knowledge of various advanced concepts.prepare the Complex queries.
  • Build database using Data Definition Language Statements Perform basic CRUD operations using Data Manipulation Language statements like Insert, Update and Delete Write and call Stored Procedures and Functions stored in database.
  • Process data with row and aggregate functions
Who should go for this Course?
  • Any IT experienced Professional.
  • Any BCA/BSC, MCA/MSC B.Tech/M.Tech / BCom College Students in any stream.
  • Fresh Graduates


The course can learn by any IT professional having basic knowledge of :

  • Computer System
  • DBMS Concepts
  • SQL Server

Course Duration: 6 Week
Total Course Fee: 8000 INR


Topic # 2: Microsoft SQL Server Installing 2016 and configuring SQL Server

Topic # 3: Creating and Managing Databases

Topic # 4: SQL Server data storage management

Topic # 5: SQL Server BASICS For DBA -

Topic # 6: Data Export & Import

Topic # 7: SQL Server Security management

Topic # 8: SQL Server Backup & Recovery

Topic # 9: SQL Server Database Detach & Attach

Topic # 10: SQL Server Job scheduling

Topic # 11: Database Maintenance

Topic # 12: SQL Server Performance Tuning

Topic # 13: High Availability

Topic # 14:New Features in SQL Server 2016